For Kids

Janina Rossiter

  • Main problem:
    Critical environmental issues
  • Subproblem:
    The damaging effects humans are having on our seas
  • Consequence:
    Education & Environmental Awareness
  • Solution:
    A picture book about the ocean and to raise environmental awareness in children

Amazon bestselling, award winning artist and multi-award-winning author Janina Rossiter brings her passions together in her work: painting and illustrating children's books.

As an illustrator and author, Janina was inspired to write "Diamonds, Hearts & Sea Stars!" and "123 Who’s Cleaning the Sea?" because of her concerns for our environment. She is passionate about fighting climate change, protecting nature and keeping the oceans free from plastic and other pollutants. Our future depends on our actions today.

Janina created the illustrations for the Blue Ocean Watch video ‘The Song of Life’ dealing with how sound pollution affects whales.
As an artist, she feels happiest when recreating images of the ocean in her paintings. “I hope that through my art and my love of the sea, I can make my voice heard and make a difference."

Photo Credtis by: ©Janinarossiter

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