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Species Extinction

Beneath The Waves

  • Main problem:
    Increasing degradation of our oceans
  • Subproblem:
  • Consequence:
    Development of solutions , Loss of biodiversity, Need for education & awareness
  • Solution:
    Restoring our oceans with cutting edge science

Why Protect the Ocean?

The ocean is our planet’s largest ecosystem. It regulates climate and weather patterns, provides food, energy and minerals to humanity, stores carbon and produces the oxygen we breathe while also holding important recreational, cultural and aesthetic value. However, in recent decades, much of the ocean has become degraded. From the overfishing of sharks to the warming of its coral reefs to widespread plastics pollution, the health of our oceans is now at a critical tipping point. With the human population expected to increase, these impacts will only get worse.

Ocean conservation has become a global phenomenon. There’s a surging interest in bringing together NGOs, governments, business and industry leaders to strengthen the management of our oceans. However, this impact will not be realized without sound science and collaboration. Today, there are new opportunities to work together to generate the ocean science needed to support a sustainable future for our oceans.

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